S-Drill™ Intensive

Is a grinding aid for cement clinker.

It improves mill productivity, as well as cement quality, fluidity and stability. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly replacement of triethanolamine.

Интенсификатор помола
Принцип работы интенсификатора помола

S-Drill™ Intensive neutralizes electrostatic charges on the surface of particles and prevents them from sticking together.
Применение интенсификатора помола
The grinding aid should be injected into the clinker stream before it enters the ball mill. To ensure consistent mill performance, it is recommended to use a dosing pump. S-DrillTM Intensive is designed for grinding cement clinker, silica sand, lime, dolomite, slag, and other building materials.

S-Drill™ Intensive in a closed circuit ball mill

S-Drill™ Intensive в мельнице закрытого типа
The grinding aid has increased the mill’s cement productivity by 9% and reduced energy consumption by 10%.